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Organizing your closets and other areas of your home with 100% Solid Wood has never been easier. Designed for easy installation, enriching your home Environment with the affordable elegance of John Louis Home Closet Systems will give you years of organizational bliss.

We are a factory authorized dealer for John Louis Home, offering everything you need to design and create closets for your home. The possibilities are endless: office, linen, pantry areas, and laundry rooms can also be part of your organizational dream. Our low overhead and a dedication to customer satisfaction enable us to meet or beat any published pricing.

Designing and installing a closet system in your new home will give you the satisfaction of adding your personal touch. Upgrading to solid wood can enhance value and appearance if you are selling your property.


Learn what you need

Regardless of how you plan to use your new John Louis Home Closet system or components it makes sense to do some basic homework before you order and begin your project. This will help avoid confusion and problems later on in the process.

Carefully measure the area you will be doing your organizational project. Make sure the parts you are ordering will be functional without interference from doors, posts, fixtures or other objects. Wall surfaces should be free of holes and damage, repaired and painted if necessary. Check the depth of the area and make sure the shelving you are planning on installing matches the depth you have. There should be adequate clearance for shelf and accessory functionality.

Even though installation is simple enough that it can be done alone, having an extra pair of hands and eyes to help with basic tasks can save time and prevent mistakes. Measuring, drilling, changing tools and lifting will be much easier with an assistant. Donít rush the installation. Allow time for set-up and clean up. Check and re-check measurements before cutting. Use safe step ladders and avoid over-reaching. Use safety glasses to protect the eyes.

A little planning, common sense and safety will ensure the project will exceed your expectations and give you pleasure for years to come.

Basic Installation

Whether you are a novice or expert in the "Do-It-Yourself" area, you can do it. All it takes is a couple of tools and some time. Just as it takes time to paint a room, it will also take time to re-design and organize your closet. If you follow the instructions provided in your product and don't rush it, you will end up with a beautifully organized closet.

Installation of a John Louis Closet Organizer is basically a step and repeat process. This process is followed for the majority of parts of the closet. Listed below is the main installation process for mounting shelves to the wall.

For installation instruction PDF downloads, please visit the DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS page.