Becoming an Affiliate

Any type of group can become an Affiliate Partner: Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Charities, Condo Associations, Corporations, Unions, Clubs.

Midwest Closet Supply offers a special opportunity to any private group or organization that will benefit its members and the cause of its choice.

This economy has had a devastating effect on everyone from families and business to those even less fortunate. There is less money for food, medical research, basic necessities, special programs, education and more. We have a responsibility to do our best to help those in need. If your group has a cause or is in need of extra funds for any good reason — we want to help.

Many of the larger Corporations in this country have programs to fund good causes. They contribute food, resources, money and other goods through designated charitable organizations.

Midwest Closet Supply is not a giant corporation like Coca Cola, CDW or AT&T. We can’t fund Golf Tournaments or sponsor Marathons. But we know that every little bit helps, and we want to give back where you decide it can help the most. MCS will donate up to 5% of sales, not profits, of its closet systems and accessories back to your affiliate group.

Each organization has varying amounts of members and ways of maintaining contact with them. We will work with your group to help inform them of the benefits of our program. Many types of media tools can be used from websites to email to newsletters, envelope stuffers to Twitter. Every effort will be made to be most cost effective so more money can go to your group. Our website is the best resource for product information. Each organization will be given a unique code that will enable us to offer the benefits and track group sales. The Affiliate Partner decides when to be paid and how to apply the funds earned.

Contact us to find out how easy it is to set up and reach out to your members. The members will receive special pricing and be contributing to a good cause.

Please direct any questions or to become an affiliate partner please contact Roger Sears via email - or by phone @ 847-918-0138.


Affiliate Home

Midwest Closet Supply is different than any of our competition. We believe that business should do its part and say “YES” to giving back to the community and those groups who need support.

We have partnered with your organization to bring you special discounts on our closet systems and accessories and donate up to 5% of net sales, not profit, back to your organization to use as needed, without restriction. We say ........

“YES” to helping Americans foster a better humanitarian attitude.
“YES” to saving our affiliate members more of their hard-earned money.
“YES” to establishing a much needed source of revenue support for dependent groups.

We ask you to purchase your closet systems & supplies through us and support your affiliate group and these higher ideals. If your company or organization is not yet registered, becoming an affiliate partner is easy and beneficial. We are committed to providing you the best customer service and shopping experience. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your purchase.

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