“A culture that doesn’t change is doomed to wither. “
Paul McGillick

This is not just an invitation—it’s a DARE!

Closets have always gotten the short end of the stick at the expense of kitchens, baths and even basements. Things are changing.
No longer the ignored step-child, closets are now getting the respect they deserve as elegant, functional spaces that are part of our daily lives.
Closet culture is evolving. As consumers demand more from their storage spaces, clever Interior Designers, Architects and Home Stagers have answered the call. They realize that white wire and old school laminates do not satisfy discriminating customers.

Many have discovered the form, function and simplicity of the John Louis Home line of Closet products. Maybe it’s because they are crafted of 100% solid wood. Maybe it is because John Louis Home brings an innate warmth and beauty to closets. Maybe it's because our closets are an affordable and elegant change from the mundane. Whatever the reason, these systems allow the Architects, Interior Designers and Home Stagers to place things in order with a personalized look and feel.

We are always looking for Professionals who recognize that they are in a unique position to positively inspire and influence the lifestyles of their clientele.

We invite you to join us... and DARE you to take closets to the next level.

Home Stagers: this simple upgrade to a property can make or break a deal.

Architects and Interior Designers: Don’t ignore the closets. Whether it’s a $150,000 remodel or $1,000,000 new construction, nothing is worse than an empty or poorly equipped Master closet. Seize the opportunity to show your customers a beautiful, functional storage solution that won’t break the bank.

Please browse our products and Gallery to envision ways in which these closet systems can effectively energize your sales by adding the beauty and warmth of real, solid wood to your customer’s homes.

To discuss a closet program, arrange for a showroom display. If you just want to "talk closets", please contact Roger Sears.

Interior Designers & Architects

Our list of Interior Designers and Architects includes those companies who specialize in professional design and service. If you currently have your own professionals ask them about the John Louis Home Solid Wood systems and accessories. If they haven't yet used our products have them contact Midwest Closet Supply for information and service and we will gladly help them with your individual project. ID/A list below

If you are an Interior Designer or Architect and want more information on our unique Solid Wood Closet Systems please contact Roger Sears through our Contact page